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ISBN: 978-1-908570-00-0    (296 Pages)

 Labour’s Future

  • Ann Black: In and Out of Power: A View from the Grass Roots
  • Lord Whitty: Reflections on Labour votes and Social Democratic Philosophy
  • Dr Rupa Huq: The Path Back to Power is a Suburban One
  • Tony Lloyd MP: In Search of Labour’s Big Idea
  • Peter Watt: Building a Party for the Future
  • Lord Temple-Morris: Labour: Progressive Politics
  • Tracey Cheetham: Social Media and Labour

The Future for British Defence Justice, Law & Order

  • Admiral Lord West: Defence: The Most Important Duty of Government but Sadly not a Vote Winner?
  • Ashley Tiffen: A Socialist Law and Order Agenda

Campaigning for Labour

  • Siôn Simon: Why Mayors Matter and Why Labour Should Support Them
  • Joseph Russo: Co-ops and New Labour
  • Bill Esterson MP: A Campaigning Party
  • David Hanson MP: What Awaits Labour in 2015?
  • Eric Joyce MP: It’s a Sin
  • Richard Robinson: Labour’s Good Society and Strong Communities

The Challenge for Education, Social Mobility and Young People

  • Lord Knight:  What Chance an Enabling State?
  • Aaron Porter: Where Next for Labour’s Higher Education Policy?
  • Dr Nick Palmer: Student Fees: A Constructive Response
  • Axel Landin: Reclaiming Our Status as the Natural Party of the Young

A New Approach to Business, Enterprise and the Economy

  • James Frith: New Ideas for Labour’s Fresh Economy
  • Matt Pitt: The Case for a British Investment Bank

Health and the NHS

  • Irwin Brown: A Socialist Plan for Health
  • Lord Hunt: Our NHS: The Labour Party Challenge

Women, Equality and Poverty

  • Ellie Cumbo: All in This Together? The Future of Gender Equality in the Labour Party
  • Baroness Goudie: Can We End Poverty Globally? Asking the Difficult Questions

The Green Agenda

  • William Bain MP: Justice and Growth: Labour’s Agenda on Food Security
  • Kieran Roberts: Sustainable Socialism
  • Graham Stringer MP: Transport Policy for the Twenty-First Century
  • Dr Nick Palmer: Animal Welfare: The Neglected Swing Issue