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About The Book

Now is the time for a real debate about the future of the Labour party and its decisive role in British politics. Labour needs to restore trust and build confidence between politicians and the people, and reconnect with voters. The way to achieve this is to provide an objective critique of Labour’s record and discuss what the future is for the Labour Party, which will lay the path for a new type of politics. The concept is simple; a book, which consists of a collection of articles written by high profiled figures including MPs and Peers as well as others from within the political field.

Each contributor was asked to write about what they feel that the Labour party has to do to win power once again, including an honest assessment of where the party fell short in government. The aim is to provide the reader with comprehensive and diverse views of people speaking from various perspectives. The book is divided into two parts; the first half consists of articles based on areas of policy such as Health, Defence, and Economic Policy whereas the second half consists of articles providing an overview such as member involvement, party structure etc.

The new landscape in British politics created after the 2010 general election has dramatically altered the role of the Labour party by essentially becoming the only opposition to the Coalition. Consigning the party back to the opposition benches gives an unparalleled opportunity to rebuild the party stronger and once again become the party of government. A debate about what the future of the party is ideologically, and a debate about whom the party represents, and most importantly what does the Labour party stand for? This book includes the thoughts of figures from Labour’s past and present as well as front line activists. Bringing these ideas together into one place will not only be informative and enlightening to the reader, but we feel strongly would also benefit the party in regrouping and rebuilding whilst in opposition.